Topper mattress: tips for choosing, rating and review of models

A topper or thin mattress provides a comfortable and healthy sleep on a pull-out sofa or an old, uncomfortable mattress. As a rule, these are products of small thickness (2-10 cm), designed for comfortable rest on modular or folding upholstered furniture.

Previously, mattress toppers with a thick layer of filling were called toppers, but today this name has passed to mattresses with specific features - springless, removable, mobile and with reliable fixation in the form of wide elastic bands at the corners.

Today, manufacturers offer a lot of thin mattresses of various types. So which topper to choose and how to do it right? Read about this in our article.

How is a topper different from a mattress?

Let's look at four main points:


The thickness of the topper starts from 2 cm and does not exceed 10 cm, while a full mattress has a thickness of at least 15 cm (for children from 12 cm)


There is no spring block in the topper. It contains only layers of fillers, most often it is one layer, but there can be several. Mattresses can be either with or without a spring base.


The topper is used as an addition to a mattress or sleeping place to make it more comfortable, give it rigidity, or, conversely, make a softer place to sleep. Not used as a stand-alone bed. It is attached with elastic bands or ties at the corners. The mattresses do not have fastenings.


Here they are similar, since toppers can consist of completely different materials. This includes latex, coconut coir, foam, and so on. Products can be hard or soft.

Types of thin mattresses

Russian and foreign brands produce various types of toppers for folding and modular sofas. You have the opportunity to choose the most suitable one from the following options:

  • Foldable. Flexible and plastic thin mattresses are easy and convenient to store by rolling them up or stacking them with a sofa.
  • Orthopedic. New generation toppers with natural or artificial filling provide anatomically correct body position and are almost as effective as conventional mattresses.
  • Double. Thin mattresses for two beds ensure even distribution of the load. Various fillers can be used here, including in combination with each other.

Why do you need a topper?

The topper is convenient to use when it is not possible to have a full-fledged bed, which can take up a lot of space, when moving frequently, or in the country, as an addition to folding beds.

It is compact, lightweight, and convenient for transportation.

Topper functions:

  • smooth out the unevenness and texture of the sofa
  • straighten wrinkled areas of a sofa or mattress
  • increase the level of comfort of the sleeping place
  • change the degree of hardness of the berth

Purpose depending on filler type

Depending on the type of filler, the product is used for one purpose or another. Let us present the characteristics of each type and determine the main directions of use.

Products with coconut filling are designed to increase the level of rigidity of a flat sleeping place. Coping with uneven sofas or sofa cushions. But it is not suitable for improving the surface quality of hard sofas.

Models with periotecas are products with medium hardness. Purchased if you need to level the surface of a sofa consisting of pillows. In this case, the surface hardness will remain almost unchanged.

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Natural latex toppers provide comfortable softness and elasticity, which provides all the conditions for a good night's sleep. Latex can level the surface and make any sofa comfortable. It retains heat perfectly. For consumers who prefer a harder and cooler surface, products with latex filling are not suitable. It is better to choose one with coconut coir.

Fillers made from polyurethane foam materials can eliminate all of the above problems and, in addition, provide a massage effect. They have good orthopedic properties and provide the necessary softness. All this is created due to the wavy structure of the material.

Thin mattresses made from ordinary foam rubber have a high degree of rigidity, smoothing out bumps and significant depressions on the surface of the sleeping area.

A foam mattress can provide generally fantastic properties. Such products have a memory effect. They are not able to eliminate significant defects, but they will provide a comfortable feeling.

What types of toppers are there?

Sofa topper

Toppers, like mattresses, have different sizes and are made to individual parameters. Due to the fact that many models can be easily rolled up and put away, you can choose a topper that is convenient and suitable for you for any model and design of sofas. In our hypermarket you can consult and choose the perfect topper.

Mattress topper with orthopedic effect

The topper can have an orthopedic effect thanks to the appropriate materials and their combinations to ensure the correct position of the spine during sleep.

Popular manufacturers

When looking for a topper of the best quality, most people focus on the brand, but attractive products from European companies are deterred by their price. The leading positions in the Russian market are occupied by companies that have a wide selection of products and guarantee good quality.

Top 5 domestic manufacturers trusted by Russians:

  1. Ormatek is a leading company that is constantly expanding its product range.
  2. Promtex-Orient produces folding orthopedic models of excellent quality.
  3. Comfort Line - uses natural materials in the production of thin mattresses.
  4. DreamLine produces a variety of designs of orthopedic models of all sizes.
  5. Dimax is a young company that uses innovative technologies in its work.

What types of layers do toppers have?

As we already know, toppers are always springless, and the fillers are very different. There can be several layers. The characteristics of toppers depend on the combinations and materials of the layers.

What are the layers:

Coconut coir is a natural material. These are coconut fibers compressed or bonded with latex impregnation. The material gives rigidity, helps to properly distribute the weight of the sleeper, gives an anatomical effect, and prevents the proliferation of dust mites and bacteria.

Latex/PPU – can be artificial or natural . Soft, elastic foam material, wear-resistant. Has an excellent anatomical effect. Natural is more durable. Artificial ones have a shorter service life, are cheaper, and are hypoallergenic.

Hollofiber/Struttofiber is a new generation material. Hypoallergenic, resilient, elastic and durable foam. It is well ventilated and has high thermal insulation properties. Returns to its original shape and does not absorb odors.

Memory foam is foam that takes the shape of your body, adapts to every curve, does not exert back pressure on the vessels and joints, but only pleasantly envelops. Completely restores its original shape after use. It has high orthopedic and anatomical properties.


How much does a topper cost? Nowadays there are various models of such bedding available. The price of mattress toppers depends on the following features:

  • manufacturer;
  • used filler and upholstery;
  • product sizes.

Attention! It is not recommended to buy toppers from unverified manufacturers. Too low a price should also alert a person. This indicates that low-quality materials were used to create the product, as a result of which it will not last long and will not perform all the necessary functions.


The topper will be very helpful when you need to easily and inexpensively improve your sleeping place or correct its shortcomings. It is well suited as a guest seat, as it folds and unfolds easily. The product is convenient to carry with you. The topper has anatomical and orthopedic properties, varying degrees of rigidity and is made for sleeping places of various sizes.

The managers of the mattress hypermarket will guide you through the variety of choices so that you can purchase the product that is ideal for you. Contact us, we will be happy to help.

Tips for choosing

When thinking about how to choose a topper, you should consider several criteria at once. And first of all this:

  • Size. Nowadays it is easy to find a thin mattress in a wide range of sizes - single, double or semi-size. It is extremely important that the topper exactly matches the size of the bed - too large will hang down and become deformed, and too small will not be able to be securely fixed.
  • Rigidity. If you prefer hard sleeping surfaces, take a look at models with coir or artificial latex fillings. For those who like to sleep on soft things, it is better to choose products with memory foam or natural latex. For connoisseurs of the golden mean, manufacturers offer toppers with struttofiber.
  • Price. It is worth considering that very cheap models will not provide adequate convenience and will last a maximum of a year or two. We recommend taking a look at the promotions section of online stores, where you can often find a branded model with high-quality filling at a big discount.

A thorough and thoughtful selection of a thin mattress will allow you to find a sleeping accessory that will completely suit both you and your guests.

How to buy a quality topper?

The topper is necessary for people who:

  • Squashed sofa;
  • Constant travel;
  • Too soft mattresses;
  • Too hard mattresses;
  • The apartment is being renovated;
  • They are located in the country.

To choose the topper correctly and not make a mistake, follow our tips.

  1. Decide on the hardness. To do this, check your preferences, height, weight and age. Stiffer models are suitable for people with large body weight. Soft models can replace the hard mattress of a sofa or bed, remove unevenness and make sleep more comfortable.
  2. Select sizes. The correct size of the topper will prevent it from moving or twisting while you sleep.
  3. Select padding. Stuffings are made from natural raw materials - more environmentally friendly. And synthetic materials are hypoallergenic.
  4. Find orthopedic options. They will help make your sleep better and healthier. Muscles, bones and head will stop hurting in the morning, and the day will be productive and fun.

Wherever you are, sleep should be of high quality, comfortable and sound. This is the key to our good mood and healthy immunity.

additional characteristics

To finally decide which mattress is suitable for the sofa, you need to pay attention to additional characteristics. According to the degree of rigidity, they are divided into 3 types:

  1. Soft. They are often used if the base is too hard. Also used for leveling a sofa or even a folding bed. The filling of such products consists of natural latex, polyurethane foam, memory foam and holofiber.
  2. Tough. Used if the base is too soft and you need to add rigidity. The filling mainly consists of coconut coir, sometimes holofiber.
  3. Medium hardness. Such toppers are used not only for furniture. They can be laid on the floor instead of a sleeping place if guests suddenly arrive. Another option is to turn them into a children's play space or a place for gymnastics.

People with musculoskeletal conditions should consult their healthcare provider before deciding to purchase such a cushion.



Medium hardness
As for the sizes, you need to take into account the following characteristics:

  • single model with standard width - 90x190 cm;
  • for one-and-a-half-size sofas and beds, a topper width of 120-140 cm and a length of 190 cm is suitable;
  • for double options - 160x120 cm;
  • for beds with European sizes - 90x190 cm, 200x160 cm, 200x180 cm and 200x200 cm;
  • diameter options for round furniture - 200, 220 and 230 cm;
  • sizes for children's beds - 60x120 cm, 60x140 cm and 70x140 cm.

Options for using semicircular sofas in modern interiors

There are also some recommendations for selecting a topper for a person’s weight. Hard options are suitable for those who are overweight, while soft models are preferably chosen for people with low body weight. All these nuances must be taken into account in order for the mattress to last for a long time.

Doctors advise choosing toppers so that their length is 15 cm greater than a person’s height.

Pros and cons of sofa mattresses

Toppers are made from one or more layers of filler. Their thickness varies from 2 to 10 cm.

The main advantage of such mattresses is their orthopedic properties. The elastic surface correctly fixes the spine, improves blood flow, and relaxes the muscles. Additional benefits include:

  • hygiene;
  • breathability;
  • large selection of sizes;
  • a light weight;
  • easy care;
  • more affordable price than conventional mattresses.

Buyers note that some products have unreliable fastenings and slide off the base of the bed during sleep. To avoid problems, carefully check the item when purchasing. Often new mattress covers have a specific odor, which usually disappears within 1-7 days after opening the package.

Orthopedic toppers for sofas

We often hear from doctors that sleeping on an orthopedic mattress is beneficial for the health of the spine. So what is the difference between an orthopedic sofa topper and an “old-style” mattress?

An ordinary mattress is not able to hold its shape; under the weight of a person’s body it simply bends or collapses. Sleeping on such a mattress is harmful to your back health and cannot be considered complete.

The orthopedic option maintains a smooth surface and follows the anatomical shape of the body. Modern fillers allow the topper to maintain orthopedic properties at a minimum height.

Key Features and Benefits

Toppers are thin one- or two-layer mattresses that are used as an addition to a sleeping area.

The main functions of the product include:

  • High hygienic properties . The topper allows you to protect the vacationer from dirt and dust that has accumulated on the sofa during its use. Over time, the lower part of the product in contact with the surface of the furniture becomes dirty, in which case it can simply be washed.

An additional element comes into contact with the dusty surface of the sofa, which ensures excellent hygienic properties of the sleeping place

  • Strengthening the orthopedic characteristics of the sleeping place . A well-chosen sofa can turn the hard surface of a sofa or chair into a comfortable sleeping place.
  • Protection against static electricity . In most cases, furniture upholstery is made of leather substitutes or synthetic materials that accumulate static electricity. Using a topper allows you to forget about this problem.
  • Extending the life of upholstery. Due to the topper, both the sofa upholstery and the surface of the main mattress (if you use a sofa on the bed) wear out many times longer.

An additional element on the surface significantly extends the service life of the main expensive mattress

These are not all the important characteristics of toppers; they have several undeniable advantages.

  • Improving sleep quality . With a good cover, the folding chair will turn the sofa into a truly comfortable and comfortable sleeping place. When using the product on a bed, it can enhance the anatomical effect of the mattress.

A high-quality topper eliminates many minor flaws in beds and sofas

The topper can be used as a full-fledged sleeping place for guests.

  • Ease of use . Using the topper is pure pleasure. All you have to do is unwind the roll and lay it out on the surface. Many models of sofas have special tapes in the corners to secure the product.

Using this type of product is very, very simple

  • Antimicrobial and antibacterial properties . When creating toppers, high-quality materials with good breathability are used. This allows it not to accumulate inside the product, but to evaporate without hindrance.
  • Fixing bed linen . The top layer of the cover does a good job of keeping the sheets in place so you don't have to keep adjusting them.

Bed toppers do not slip

Structure and properties

The properties of the topper depend on its structure, which is determined by the composition of the filler and the quality of the upholstery. Among the manufacturers on the market there are leaders whose products you can trust. Today, thanks to the ability to access the Internet, reviews of any product spread very quickly.


When choosing a topper based on filler, you need to focus on the properties of the material that provide the level of rigidity. An overhead mattress can be:

  1. Soft. Such products are made from low-density polyurethane, polyester and special memory foam. Such a topper can smooth out the unevenness of a sleeping place well only with a thickness of at least 5 cm.
  2. Medium hardness. In such products, the “filling” can be Hollocon, artificial or natural latex, or denser polyurethane. Such toppers, as a rule, are not made too thick (3-4 cm). They can be folded together with the bed, without choosing a separate storage space.
  3. Tough. In rigid products, the filler is made of high-density and rigidity polyurethane. There are also models made from pressed coconut fiber (coir). These overhead mattresses are not suitable for a folding sofa, and you can’t roll them up either, which means you need to think about storage options.

They select products not only for furniture, but also for themselves. Medical indications may play an important role. For example, a soft pad is best used by older people and those who have diseases of the vascular system. Hard toppers will ensure sleep in spartan conditions; overweight people, teenagers and children should choose them. This will help get rid of spinal problems in the distant future.


The cover for an overhead mattress can be made from various materials. The properties of upholstery fabrics must be taken into account:

  • cotton - the fabric has the ability to allow air to pass through well, is durable and inexpensive;
  • linen - most often covers are made from linen fabric with the addition of synthetic fibers; the material provides comfortable sleep in the heat and has antiseptic properties;
  • silk - you will have to overpay for such upholstery, but the fabric looks elegant, expensive, and gives a pleasant tactile sensation;
  • satin is an option for expensive upholstery, suitable for allergy sufferers, lasts a long time, and has an attractive appearance.

There are also budget options for materials for covers, which significantly reduce the price of the finished product. We are talking about fabrics made from synthetic fibers. It is worth purchasing such mattresses for rare use, for example, when guests stay overnight. Toppers like these won't last long.


Recently, there has been a boom in overhead mattresses. The Russian market today offers products from Western and Russian manufacturers, some of which have already won the trust of buyers. Among domestic companies, the ranking is headed by:

  • “Mr. Mattress";
  • "Lonax"
  • "Rollmatratze";
  • "Promtex-Orient";
  • Mildex.

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Their products are sold at a reasonable price and at the same time have decent quality, fully performing their functions. Companies produce different types of overhead mattresses - for beds and for sofas. The models have different upholstery and filling options and vary in thickness.

Differences between a topper and a mattress pad

A mattress protector is simply a removable cover designed to protect the mattress from dirt. Often this accessory is made of water-repellent fabric so that it does not let liquid accidentally spilled onto the bed. The topper has a non-removable cover, which, as a rule, is not resistant to dirt.

The thickness of the mattress cover is smaller, it is more like a blanket or a thin blanket; this bedding accessory can be washed in a washing machine. The topper is dry clean only. Mattress covers are used not only on mattresses, but also on toppers.

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