How to sew a skirt from trousers with your own hands: step-by-step instructions describing how to remake leather and denim trousers

You probably have trousers in your closet that you hate to throw away. The reasons for this may be different:

Outdated style

Wrong size

Or simply having several pairs of pants that you like best

Regardless of the reason why your trousers are gathering dust on a shelf, you can make a stylish skirt out of them, and its cut can be different. In our article you will find different patterns, diagrams and descriptions of how to sew a skirt from trousers.

How to sew a skirt from trousers?

INTERESTING: When trousers are changed into a skirt, the very pieces of fabric that wear out the fastest are unnecessary: ​​the seam that runs along the inner surface of the thigh and the very bottom of the trousers. Therefore, you can sew a “new” skirt from well-worn trousers.

How to transform classic women's and men's trousers into a skirt?

According to the texture of the fabric, classic trousers are most suitable for sewing a pencil skirt from them.

How to sew a pencil skirt from classic trousers?

But it is precisely this kind of skirt from trousers that is the most difficult to sew, and in order for everything to work out, some conditions must be met.

The trousers you are going to sew from should be at least your size.

Try to see if you can unravel the seams on your trousers that run along the inner thigh. After all, in order to sew a skirt, we also need fabric for seam allowances.

To see how a pencil skirt is sewn from trousers, look at the patterns below. The first of them is a pattern for a pencil skirt, the second is a pattern for trousers, and the red line on it indicates the cutting lines.

Skirt pattern

Pencil skirt from men's classic trousers pattern

The picture above shows a pattern for men's trousers of size 50, and if you do the calculations, it turns out that from these trousers you can sew a pencil skirt for a girl who is also size 50.

How to alter trousers into a skirt, step-by-step master class

Sewing a skirt from trousers is not at all difficult; you don’t need patterns for this: all calculations will be obtained during one or two fittings.

First, cut off the excess length. To do this, try on the trousers and mark the bottom edge of the skirt. After this, add a seam allowance. In our case, we are talking about classics and therefore the allowance should be good, about 3 cm, in order to make a wide seam and fold the fabric twice.

Mark the widest part of your hips on the trousers - this will be the point to which the trousers need to be unbuttoned. After this, we rip the trousers along the inner seam.

How to alter trousers into a skirt: cut off the excess length and rip out the inner seam

After this, you need to do another fitting, and use pins or pins to mark off the excess fabric so that the skirt fits exactly to your figure.

After this, all you have to do is sew the seams on a sewing machine, and the skirt is ready!

Trouser skirt

For more detailed information on how to sew such a skirt from trousers, watch the video below.

VIDEO: How to sew a skirt from trousers

What models can be sewn

Turning old pants into a skirt does not require supernatural efforts, so even a novice seamstress can handle this task. In addition, you can give free rein to your imagination and choose any model from the following skirt models.

  • Mini skirt;
  • pencil;
  • four-blade;
  • on a yoke (with one or more flounces);
  • floor skirt.

Yes, yes, a pair of old trousers can be easily turned into any skirt, it all depends on your desire and the time you are willing to spend on the alteration.

How to convert women's and men's denim trousers into a skirt?

Very often jeans get torn between the legs and you just have to throw them away. But, if you like the fabric and it has not yet been washed, then you can quite easily sew a nice skirt from torn pants.

How to easily change jeans into a skirt?

Put on your jeans and mark the length of your skirt with chalk.

Now tie a centimeter on the most protruding parts of the hips and mark this line on the fabric with chalk.

Place a tape measure along the hemline of the skirt and measure the width of the skirt at the bottom. Write down this size so you don't forget.

Take off your pants and open them along the inseam in front to the codpiece, and in the back to the widest part of your hips.

How to change jeans into a skirt

To get a small pencil skirt that fits perfectly, ask your friends to help you a little:

Turn the ripped pants inside out, put them on, and have your assistants pin the fabric in front and back.

Now carefully remove the pants and use chalk to mark a line along which the skirt will be sewn front and back. Hand sew these two seams, put the skirt on, make sure the skirt fits well. Machine stitch these two seams.

Now you can trim and tuck the bottom of the skirt. To prevent the skirt from getting in the way when walking, you can make a small slit in the back.

To alter a skirt without resorting to outside help, mark the width of the skirt on the fabric along the bottom of the skirt and connect with a straight line to the codpiece in the front and to the ripped fabric along the hip line in the back. Manually join the seams and try them on.

Adjust the seam if you need to slightly increase or decrease the width of the skirt.

What should I do if my pants have a double seam?

Often the back seam on jeans is double stitched. And if you make a skirt from such jeans, then the question arises: how can this seam be picked up and sewn again?

How to make a skirt from jeans?

To avoid having to completely redo this seam, carefully, using nail scissors, open 5-7 cm of the double seam, but do not damage the connecting seam.

Now connect the two stitched parts first by hand and then using a sewing machine.

To make the seam on the skirt look seamless, you will need to double stitch the entire fabric being sewn.

How to make a skirt from men's jeans?

If you want to make a skirt out of jeans that are larger than your size, you will have to remove excess fabric from the hips and waist. The easiest way to do this is to trim off the excess fabric on the sides of the skirt. Then you won't have to redo the codpiece. Measure your waist and hips with a centimeter and transfer their measurements to the fabric of the skirt. Trim excess fabric from sides and crotch.

Skirts made from denim pants

With a flounce on the yoke (basque)

For a playful skirt with a flounce, old trousers and, if desired, a piece of fabric will come in handy.

To sew such a model you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Carefully cut off the top of the trousers, which will serve as the yoke of the skirt.
  • Finish the edges with an overlocker or zigzag.
  • For flounces, rip the cut trouser legs or cut the prepared fabric into wide ribbons. The width of the future shuttlecock should be 15-20 cm wider than the basque. For a mini skirt, one flounce is enough. The circumference of the flounce should coincide with the circumference of the yoke. For a maxi skirt you will need three flounces (each next flounce is 20 cm longer than the previous one).
  • Baste the wrong side of the yoke with a flounce and sew on a typewriter.
  • Finish or hem the edge. The skirt is ready.

This style of skirt looks beautiful with a denim yoke. The fabric for the flounces is selected to match, and the quality of the fabric does not matter. Great for:

How to convert women's and men's leather trousers into a skirt?

Working with leather products requires certain skills. Not every sewing machine can sew leather. And if you risk taking on such work yourself, be prepared for the fact that the sewing machine will not “take” such material.

If you are altering an expensive item, it is better to entrust this work to professional seamstresses. So if you have a small piece of leather, check if your sewing machine can sew it. Also check to see if she will take a thick double stitch, which may need to be placed along the side, back and front seam.

If you are not afraid to experiment and ruin leather trousers, then remake it as described above for jeans or dress pants.

Another difficulty when working with leather is that this material cannot be stitched, flogged and re-stitched several times in the same place. Because holes from the sewing machine needle will remain on the skin and may be noticeable.

If you want to make a skirt from pants larger than your size, open the pants at all seams, lay the skirt pattern on scraps of leather and cut out two front and two back parts of the four-piece skirt. But, in this case, all the sewing work will have to be done from scratch. Just like you would have to do when sewing a skirt from a single piece of leather.

Measure your waist and hips and make a simple skirt pattern. And apply the patterns to the details of the pants.

How to make a skirt out of pants

Taking measurements

Necessary measurements for drawing:

  • Half waist;
  • Half hip circumference;
  • Back length to waist;
  • Skirt length.

Model with wrap

Measurements can also be taken using old items if the person fits that size. An old skirt is used as the base; it will serve as a pattern for the product.

VIDEO: How to make a skirt out of jeans?


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Step-by-step instructions for creating a pattern

You need to add some minor adjustments to the pencil skirt sketch. It is necessary to make a step cut. You will need the following measurements: seat height (SC), hip circumference (HI). Next you need to draw a template:

Pencil skirt

From top A downwards, lay mark BC + (0-2) and add point A1.

From point A1, lay 1/8 OB - A1 and place point C.

From A1 to the left you need to draw a line equal to 1/8 OB - 2. Add a mark M.

An even segment connects lines C and M. A bisector from point A divides it in half.

New "old" things

From 2 unnecessary skirts or 2 old trousers, you can sew a super-fashionable “godet” or “eight-piece” cut skirt.
The main thing is that things match each other in color and texture. When cutting, you need to think about how exactly the wedges will alternate in the finished product. You can cut out the main parts from fabric of one color, and the yoke and inserts from fabric of a different color. Old jeans provide a lot of ideas for reworking. First of all, they can be converted into shorts. To do this, just shorten the jeans to the required length and sew cuffs made of contrasting fabric to the bottom of the legs. You can also use it to make an original belt to make your new shorts look more elegant.

Fashionable skirts are often made from old jeans. To alter an item in this way, you need to cut off the top of the jeans without damaging the back pockets. To the resulting yoke you need to sew the lower part of the skirt, cut from a piece of new fabric or other jeans.

If old items are severely damaged, you need to cut out the areas most suitable for alteration and sew new items directly from them. It is not for nothing that the patchwork technique or “patchwork” has millions of fans all over the world. Using it, you can create real textile masterpieces. To do this you will need: a ruler, a pencil or tailor's chalk, sharp scissors, sewing thread and a little patience.

From available scraps, you need to cut squares, rectangles or triangles of different sizes, arrange them to create an interesting geometric pattern, and then sew them into a single fabric. This way you can make decorative pillowcases, bedspreads, blankets, fashionable bags, furniture covers and many other useful and beautiful things.

Your favorite pants may become too small or lose their appearance. If fringe appears at the bottom, or the knees are frayed, it is better to remake the old trousers into a skirt. For a maxi, 2 pairs of old jeans will come in handy. Using a blade, the internal seams are steamed.

For some, the upper part below the pocket is cut off. Parts are inspected for defects. If there are flaws, they can be decorated with embroidery or appliqué.

In front and behind, wedges are formed from the canvases. With their help you can increase the width and give a beautiful shape. The second pair is laid out on a solid fabric, the fabric is distributed by hand in the form of an isosceles triangle as in the picture. To facilitate the process, you can draw a template and outline the contours.

The edges are pinned from the inside with tailor's needles, and the length is measured. The fragments are sewn down with wide stitches, the hems are aligned and steamed with an iron. The outer and inner sides look like this:

Blended seams are sewn by machine. The product is turned inside out and excess threads are removed. The opposite part is processed similarly. After fitting, the hem is hemmed. Here's what happened:

How to prepare products for alteration

When updating clothing, it is necessary to keep in mind that the contours of fashionable patterns may differ significantly from those that were designed several years ago.
Therefore, to sew a new model, you will have to take several old products, or 1 item and 2-3 small pieces of fabric that will serve as finishing. In addition, be sure to stock up on original fittings and decorative elements. For example, interesting vintage buttons, unusual braid, handmade lace or trendy thermal stickers. To prepare clothes for alteration, you need to rip them open, thoroughly clean the seams of dust and threads, wash and iron the parts. After this, you need to carefully inspect the fabric, cut off the damaged areas or outline them with tailor’s chalk, and when cutting, avoid all textile defects.

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