How to make a pirate costume with your own hands: how to sew a simple and beautiful costume yourself (95 photos and videos)

Every boy in his dreams sees himself as a pirate, he dreams of exciting treasure hunts and endless sea expanses. You can make your dream come true by throwing a festive pirate party. But to make the fairy tale closer to reality, those present at the festival wear carnival costumes. To complete the image of the hero of exciting adventures, you will need a pirate costume. This task may seem difficult to some, but in fact, making such a kit is simple, the main thing is to choose the necessary material and follow simple tips.


To create the perfect look, use a striped clothing item. You can simply choose plain jeans. A handmade pirate costume for a boy will arouse admiring glances.

If there are comfortable pants in the child’s wardrobe, then they are taken as a basis. Parts are cut out from striped fabric and the seams are sewn. An elastic band is inserted into the belt.

What elements are included

In order for the pirate costume to turn out authentic, you should approach this issue thoroughly. First of all, you need to think through the outfit to the smallest detail. As a rule, the main elements of a pirate's wardrobe are top, bottom, belt, headdress, leggings, and shoes. Each of them is selected in accordance with certain rules.

The upper part of the suit consists of several items of clothing. The most memorable is the vest. Next comes a loose-fitting shirt made from linen cloth. A simpler option is a vest. Don't forget about gloves. Their upper part is quite wide, and the lower part fits tightly around the hand. This is due to the fact that the pirates needed to handle the sword, and the glove should not slip off.

The bottom of the suit consists of canvas pants or pantaloons that reach almost to the ankle. In cut they are very similar to the famous culottes. Previously, this wardrobe item was often treated with resin to give it a water-repellent effect.

A scarf is tied around the neck. At the waist there is a rag or leather belt, for which it is convenient to place a weapon. Leg warmers made of woolen fabric are worn on the legs. Classic pirate shoes are leather shoes or boots.

A mandatory element is a headdress. This is due to the fact that pirates most often lived in hot countries, therefore, they constantly needed to be protected from the rays of the scorching sun. There are three options - bandana, cocked hat, round Monmouth hat.

When preparing for a pirate party, many wardrobe items can be found in your own closet. Everyone has a vest, bandana, belt, scarf, loose shirt, and pants. By slightly changing and modifying things, you can safely use them to create the image of a pirate.

For boy

In order to become a pirate, it is not at all necessary to strictly comply with the uniform criteria established in ancient times. Naturally, in modern conditions the costume is simplified and can have a different number of options. For a boy, you can choose the outfit of a sailor or captain. For the first costume, it is enough to use a striped vest, vest and bandana.

If you decide to be a captain, then it is recommended to carefully select a jacket and hat. They should be smart enough to make the hero stand out from ordinary sailors. With such a set, even modern jeans will look colorful and will not spoil the overall look.

For girl

When creating a pirate costume for a girl, almost all of the above elements are used. The only distinguishing feature is the presence of a skirt. The most spectacular and memorable will be the fluffy version above the knee, made of tulle. But this, naturally, is a modern vision of the costume. After all, in such an outfit it was impossible to live on a ship and fight in battle. Pants or knickers are also quite appropriate to create the image of a pirate.

You can experiment with accessories. They will make the suit more sophisticated and sophisticated. Various kinds of ruffles and bows will appeal to the taste of a young fashionista.


A tank top with horizontal stripes would be ideal. If it is not there, then the vest is made from a white jacket. The stripes are drawn independently.

It is necessary to give a wardrobe item a shabby look. To do this, holes should appear on it; you can cut off the sleeves carelessly and stretch the neckline.

A white shirt with ruffles would be an excellent solution. It is better to choose loose-fitting clothes.

Pirates value freedom, they look sloppy, so the outfit should have an appropriate look.

Color spectrum

Since the pirates spent most of their time outdoors on ships, their clothes were not distinguished by brightness and color saturation. It was mostly dull, because it faded very quickly under the influence of sea air and the scorching sun. As for the traditional color scheme, it is represented by quite dark, deep tones: black, blue, brown, red. There were also light colors: white, gray.

When creating a pirate costume for a child, there are no strict rules in choosing specific shades. First of all, you need to decide on the general concept of the holiday and set the color scheme. Then select wardrobe items, harmoniously combining different shades to suit your own taste.

Don't ignore the classic white and blue stripes. After all, it is she who is associated with the marine theme. In addition, to make the holiday bright and memorable for a long time, you should give preference to the color red. The more of it there is in the interior and clothing, the more spectacular the photographs will be.


To maintain the style, you should wear a vest over a vest or shirt. They make it from an old jacket by simply cutting off the sleeves. You can use any thick, dark-colored fabric for sewing.

Many mothers are looking for the answer to the question of how to make a pirate costume for a boy. You don't need to go shopping for this. You just need to look in your closet to find suitable items of clothing.


An old shirt or sleeveless vest will be a great addition to the image of a sea robber. It is better to decorate the vest with appropriate stripes.

If a woman is a pirate

Not only children, but also adults love to organize themed parties. The most memorable holiday is a costume party. A pirate party for adults promises a lot of fun and pleasure. For it to be remembered by everyone, it needs to be organized correctly. And the first factors of any holiday are the decoration of the hall and fancy dress.

The elements of a pirate costume are similar to those made for children. This applies to male “pirates”. But women's costumes can be modified, and then the outfit will look not only like a masquerade, but also decorate the hostess and create an attractive image for her. To make the “pirate” look unusual, you can sew an exclusive dress from several types of fabric.

The dress consists of a loose bodice made of striped fabric, a black corset and a short red satin skirt. In this outfit, a corset replaces vests.

And of course, don’t forget about accessories, which may include:

  • bracelets;
  • earrings;
  • rings.

Necklaces with gold and skulls will look especially bright. An original addition to a pirate costume will be a handbag sewn in the shape of a head or pumpkin. This vegetable is a symbol of the Halloween holiday, and there is a direct connection with piracy. High over-the-knee boots and bright makeup will complete the image of the treacherous robber. Some girls prefer tight leggings instead of a dress. The costume will turn out to be unusual if you approach its production creatively.


It is necessary to take measurements so that you can get a hat of the right size. The outline of the hat is drawn on paper and then transferred to cardboard.

You need to cut out two parts and then glue them together. Afterwards the hat is covered with black paint. The skull and bones are painted in white on the headdress.

It is better to attach a ready-made emblem. You can often see pirates wearing a bandana, which can be easily made from a plain scarf.

Preparing materials and tools for work

To sew a suit you will need different fabrics. The table lists the main elements of clothing, as well as suitable types and colors of materials.

Costume elementWhat type of fabric can be usedColors
TrousersCotton, knitwearFor sewing pants, you can choose black and white fabric with wide vertical stripes. However, if you plan to sew a striped vest, then the suit will turn out to be too colorful. It is better to give preference to light brown fabric.
VestCotton, knitwearFabric with horizontal narrow stripes. The stripes can be blue, black or red.
VestKnitwear, jeansFor sewing, you can use brown fabric or light denim
HatHard feltBlack color
Eye patchSoft feltBlack color
Neck scarfCotton, linen, knitwearBright red or blue would look good.

In order not to waste time on measurements and creating patterns, you can take things from your child’s wardrobe that are his size, but have already lost their presentable appearance. You will need simple cut pants (without pockets, with elastic), a sweatshirt, and a vest. All items must be carefully ripped apart at the seams using a blade or sharp scissors.

Smooth them out and trace all the details on thick paper with a pencil. Afterwards, the patterns will need to be given even shapes. Draw the armholes of the sleeves and collars more clearly. Remove all uneven lines and add seam allowances of 1-1.5 cm. When the blanks are drawn, all that remains is to cut them out and transfer them to the fabric.

What else is needed to sew a suit:

  • sewing machine;
  • a set of colored sewing threads;
  • wide elastic band;
  • narrow elastic tape in black;
  • lighter;
  • sewing needle;
  • iron;
  • safety pins;
  • 1 large regular pin;
  • water-soluble markers or a piece of chalk;
  • scissors.

Items that will be required to decorate different elements of clothing will be listed separately in each master class.

Eye patch

If a child plays the role of a sea robber, then it is worth learning how to make a pirate costume at home. Another attribute of the formidable robber is the black bandage.


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The ready-made version can be bought in the store. It's easy to make it yourself. To do this, draw a circle on black cardboard, then cut it out. Small holes are made on the sides through which you need to thread a thin elastic band.


A black patch over one eye, which you can make yourself, will amuse your child and impress others.


  1. Measure the child's head by placing a measuring tape diagonally, capturing the most convex places. This way you will know the length of the bandage.
  2. Cut a strip of fabric, the length of which is equal to the length of the bandage, one and a half centimeters wide.
  3. Cut out two identical circles with a diameter of 6 centimeters and sew them together. The result was an overlay.
  4. Before attaching the overlay to the strip of fabric, try on the product. The strip may be too long - if so, cut off the excess length.
  5. Sew the overlay to the ends of the fabric strip.

Pirate hook

This part is made from food foil; you can also use black cardboard.

A hole is made in a plastic disposable cup into which a hook is inserted. It must be well secured. This way you can make a pirate costume yourself, adding interesting details.

How to decorate a table for a pirate party?

To avoid spending a lot of time and money on this, look at how to quickly decorate your dining area so that it looks impressive.

On a sheet of white cardboard or whatman paper, draw a skull and crossbones and cut it out. Using this template, you can create several more of these elements, which you will place on plates. Roll the napkins into balls and place them with a thin edge into the hole for the mouth. Place a chest in the center of the table; you can put spices and toothpicks in it.

Canapés and sandwiches are also easy to arrange based on the theme of the evening. Draw or stick a skull and crossbones on light rectangles of cardboard. If you are using dark cardboard, then stick these pirate paraphernalia cut out of white paper onto it.

Pierce the shaped cardboard rectangles in two places with the sharp edges of wooden skewers. Glue flags on top of them. To do this, you need to cut out triangular parts from cardboard, draw stripes on them, and glue them to the top of each skewers in pairs.

And, of course, what would a pirate birthday be without a cake? Experienced cooks will be able to make one. The ship's hull is made of baked cakes layered with cream. Its sides, as well as pirate figures, small details are made of mastic.

But even novice housewives can bake a cake like this and include it in the pirate party menu.

For it you will need two sponge cakes. Spread chocolate buttercream on the outside and sides, decorate with colored dragees, and refrigerate until set.

Now scoop out some of the pulp from one cake layer with a spoon. Do not throw it away, but mix it with the remaining chocolate cream, form into circles, and wrap them in gold foil. Let it be the wealth of pirates.

Place it in the bottom cake with the pulp taken out, and on top there are candy beads, chocolate medals, which will become money. Place the second cake layer on top, connect both cake layers on one side with cream.

Put the cake back in the refrigerator, after which it is ready to serve.

Now you know how to decorate a table, make costumes, and attributes for a fun holiday. Check out how to make a pirate party costume to look like Jack Sparrow.

And if you want to make a vest for a pirate costume from an old T-shirt in 5 minutes, then check out the following story.


The belt is tightened over a shirt or vest. This element will complement the image of a robber who is looking for prey in the vast expanses of seas and oceans.


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It is better to use a wide belt. It is bought or made from fabric or cardboard. You can use a bright scarf as a belt.

We make pirate-style outfits for children

This outfit will come in handy not only for parties or themed birthdays. You can dress a child in a pirate costume for a party at a children's institution, or for Halloween.

For the younger generation, you can also take a vest as a basis. In this case, the pirate costume is created very quickly.

This one consists of:

  • vests;
  • belt;
  • jeans;
  • striped socks;
  • bandanas.

You can buy a scarf with the image of a skull for a party or, if you have one at home, then take it, and also a souvenir saber.

Here is another version of a pirate costume for boys.

  • Modify a white shirt by sewing a frill collar and ruffled sleeves.
  • To create pants, trousers that are too short for the child are suitable. Trim the bottom a little more, turn it over 2 times, topstitch, and insert an elastic band.
  • You need to belt your pants with a red sash. A scarf of this color will completely replace it.
  • Striped leggings will be very helpful. If they are not there, then buying them will not be difficult. Moreover, all other things are remade from old ones.
  • To make your pirate party costumes as authentic as possible, accessorize them with a cocked hat and a cardboard spyglass. These attributes of the outfit will be discussed below.

In the meantime, look at what you can dress your child in if you are invited to a pirate birthday.

Trim the sleeves of an old white turtleneck into a zigzag pattern. Do the same with the bottom of the trousers. Their pirate themed fabrics cut out a triangle for a bandana. Sew a sleeveless vest from it, and a bag from the remnants of the fabric. You can put your child’s personal belongings or a birthday present in it.

Of course, girls will also be invited to the pirate birthday. You can complain about making an outfit like this for them.

  • To sew a dress without a pattern or, in this case, a jacket and a skirt, place a T-shirt on the fabric folded across it that is just right for the child, but not tight. If there is no such pattern, use a girl’s blouse instead. If it has sleeves, fold them inward, just like the collar.
  • Draw the sides, neckline, and armhole on the fabric. Cut, adding 7 mm to the seams. Make sure the neckline is deep enough. Make it V-shaped, then it will be convenient for the girl to take off and put on the outfit.
  • Sew the sides of the jacket and finish the neckline.
  • Sew white openwork braid onto the armholes, gathering it to make the sleeves puffy.
  • For the skirt you need a rectangle of fabric, cut out with a margin, sew it on the side, and gather it on top with an elastic band.


The pirate must have a saber in his hands. This part can be easily made from cardboard by painting it with suitable paints. It can be worn in your belt to keep your hands free.

The pirate can use pistols purchased from a toy store as weapons.

What is the color palette of this suit?

Talk to your future pirate, how does he see himself?
Offer several options, starting with the cartoon “Treasure Island” where the famous characters are: Captain Flint, Blind Pew or John Silver, or maybe Captain Hook or Barmaley, or perhaps the charming lady Angelica along with Jack Sparrow? Which hero will you choose? It is worth considering that your suit should be elegant and bright, and for this use several colors.

There should be something white and 1 red element for compatibility, as well as dark colors: black, brown, blue.

DIY pirate costume photo

Please repost


Which suit should you choose?

If the event takes place in a kindergarten, then the summer option will be more practical, since the child will not be hot.

For a boy, a simple option with a vest is suitable:

  • shirt or striped vest;
  • vest black or red;
  • bandana or hat;
  • black pants or trousers;
  • black or dark Czech shoes or shoes;
  • red belt or strip of red satin;
  • sword, pistols, chains, axe, dagger, hook.

When choosing trousers and a vest, we give preference to light summer fabrics; the less synthetics, the more comfortable the child is.

For a palace of culture or a school where the hall is large, a striped turtleneck or flannelette vest is also suitable, because... It’s cooler there, but if after the performance the child goes dancing around the Christmas tree, he may sweat and then it will be necessary to change his clothes.

Take a few things with you so you don't have to worry about a wet baby.

Therefore, as a reconnaissance, if possible, check whether it is warm in the hall and whether round dances are planned in the program.

How to sew a frill using handy materials?

Does your pirate dream of a shirt with a frill and puffy sleeves, like in the days of the musketeers?

  • Prepare: lace or ruffles, long-sleeved T-shirt, thread, needle and scissors, brooch or jewelry, hot gun.
  • Make a multi-tiered frill from pieces and lace. To do this, lightly treat 2 pieces of chiffon triangle with a candle so that the edges do not unravel.
  • Cover the entire perimeter with lace and trim it too.
  • Fold it into a fold and sew it at the base with a thread and a needle.
  • Place a similarly folded second triangle on top and apply a drop of hot glue to its inner side.
  • Glue the smaller triangle to the top one.
  • Decorate the attachment point with a brooch or button on top.
  • Attach the frill to a T-shirt or make it with an elastic band.
  • The frill is ready.

For a girl's desk, a turtleneck is also suitable, on which we will sew a frill, watch the detailed video.

Such a turtleneck is complete with a hat or bandana, complemented by a bright organza skirt and a red belt, into which pistols and daggers will be tucked, as well as wearing a spectacular vest decorated with “golden” chains, bracelets and large earrings on the hands.

So a simple pirate costume for a girl is ready with a minimum amount of things and time.

Material selection

At the moment, a bandana can be made from any material. Before sewing a product with your own hands, you need to decide on the density of the fabric. It can be dense or transparent material. The headband can be made from chintz, calico, cambric, or natural materials such as chiffon, silk and cotton. If the product is made for the autumn-winter season, then you need to focus on warm fleece.

When choosing a fabric, you should also look at its color. Camouflage or denim looks interesting. It is worth giving preference to those materials that are combined with the top of the product. Regarding children's things, boys' bandanas will not suit girls and vice versa.

Made from knitwear

History of appearance

Today, a bandana as a headdress is in every second wardrobe of modern young people. They are used to diversify and revitalize the appearance and protect from the sun. The exact time of appearance of the first models is unknown. We can assume that this was around the 18th century. It is unclear who invented this accessory. Initially, this wardrobe attribute was used to protect against dust and heat. For this reason, many researchers present the theory that the center of distribution of this accessory is India.

Handmade bandanas

If you translate this word from Hindi, it means tying. According to the translation provided by the Spanish dictionary, in Russian this word means the same thing. Traditional designs include a paisley pattern. These are different types of small curved water drops.

In Spanish settlements, this item was actively used by shepherds who worked in difficult circumstances. Later in the 18th century, one could notice the fashion for bandanas in the United States. There, wrapping a bandana around the neck became mandatory. They wore this product for protection from the sun and dust.

Interestingly, in the 90s, the accessory became an integral part of hippies and bandits’ equipment. Many bandits used it to hide their faces. They inherited this tradition from pirates, who, according to many movie directors, wore bandanas. According to sources, this version is a myth.

First headdress

Features of the image and tips

In each image you can create a twist that will add individuality. A red silk bandana worn around the neck will fit into the image of a pirate as a distinctive sign.

If you don’t have a ready-made bandana, you can make it like this:

  1. Cut a square from red fabric.
  2. Fold in half to form a triangle.
  3. Attach the triangular scarf to your neck, tying the ends at the back.
  4. The corner in front is directed downwards.

Instead of a sash, a pirate can use a leather strap. Tightened over a shirt or vest, it will give the image the spirit of a robber.

For makeup, pirates, especially girls acting in this role, will need dark eye shadow. If the image represents the pirate as evil, then there should be a lot of makeup, and dark tones should be used. Shadows are applied to the corners of the eyes to add depth to the look.

Jewelry makes a pirate costume look like reality. Pirates, like crows, love shiny objects, which fit perfectly into the look.

The parrot on the pirate's shoulder is an interesting attribute. You can buy a toy bird and attach it to your shoulder, or you can take a live parrot. Then victory in the competition for the best costume will be in your pocket.

If a person wearing glasses is participating in the party, then this time it is better for him to stock up on contact lenses. And for the parrot, grab some cookies from home.

There is nothing difficult about making a wonderful outfit for yourself or your child. A pirate party will lift your spirits and leave an unforgettable impression. To do this, it’s worth imagining a little and being creative.

Pirate hats

Without a headdress, the costume remains unfinished. You can buy a three-cornered hat, bandana, headband. It’s easy to make a pirate hat yourself by enlisting the help of a little artist.

Materials that will be needed to make it:

  • scissors;
  • black fabric;
  • interlining and pins.

An important condition is to choose a fabric that is strong and rigid and that holds the given shape. For greater rigidity, non-woven fabric is glued to the reverse side of the product. First you need to build a pattern, you will need the dimensions of the volume of the “pirate” head.

After this, the following recommendations are followed:

  1. Cut out the main details of the product - crown, brim and bottom.
  2. Fold the two halves of the fields, turning them around, facing each other.
  3. Sew along the edge of the cut.
  4. Turn the brim of the hat inside out.
  5. Make cuts on the inner allowances.
  6. Press the parts well with an iron.
  7. On the outside, perform decorative stitching along the edges.
  8. Place the hat bottom pieces with the wrong sides facing each other.
  9. Secure with pins along the edges.
  10. Make small notches on the sides of the parts.
  11. Pin for the template and sew with a crown.
  12. Connect the bottom and crown with basting, stitch and finish with a zigzag seam for strength.
  13. Iron the seams on the wrong side.
  14. Sew the brim and crown.

A sewn triangular hat looks like a real pirate's dress. Such hats look impressive if they are decorated with lace ribbons or feathers. The headdress will look different if you sew colored ribbons, woven thread braids, or braid to the cocked hat. As a result, the hat looks like the famous Jack Sparrow.

Assembling the suit

You can wear a vest over a loose-fitting shirt. If you don’t have a vest, sew one from scrap materials. To do this you will need three parts - two front shelves and one for the back. Remember that there should be no buttons here.

Pants can be striped or plain. If you have old black jeans that you wouldn’t mind making look completely old, feel free to give them to your child to be torn to pieces. You can take an ordinary grater and make it more “aged”.

Pirates wore cropped trousers or even shorts. Therefore, you can safely shorten them.

Striped socks that will peek out from under boots decorated with golden buckles or buttons will look very stylish.

Types of bandanas for adults and children

A bandana can be represented by a scarf, a bandana with ties, with or without a visor.

Bandana scarf with elastic pattern

There is also a model in the form of a hat, a transformer and a bandeau. A scarf is a cotton square of calico, calico and cambric material. It can be 50 by 50 centimeters or 70 by 70 centimeters. It can also be presented in the form of a triangle.

Bondo head bandana men's pattern

Bandana with ties - triangular linen or cotton model. This is also a model made of kulirka and interlock. Can be made from fleece, suede, leather and fur. It can be presented with or without a visor. A bandana in the form of a cap is a regular round knitted summer model with or without ties.

With visor

Bandana pattern

It is not difficult to make such an element as a bandana pattern. This is a unique accessory, the patterns of which do not differ from the pattern for creating a cap or other round headdress. The pattern of the model for the summer, size and other details will depend on the type of model. Below are diagrams for creating a classic square army model for men, interesting life-size pirate products and headscarf models for women, and simple master classes for their formation.

Bandana pattern for men

Classic square bandana for men

To make a classic square men's bandana, you need to take a large piece of fabric with dimensions of at least 60 by 60 centimeters. Any material is suitable for cutting. You can use cotton muslin, which is abrasion-resistant. Next, you need to draw a square on the fabric using a regular stationery or meter tailor's ruler. Then draw a square 60 centimeters long. This parameter can be slightly increased or decreased in size.

Sewing a women's bandana with a visor

The female model with a visor can be made using a plastic blank or dense processed fabric. In the first case, it will be a high-quality model to protect the eyes and head from the sun, and the second will act as an interesting decorative object and perform only the function of protecting the head from overheating. In any situation, it is necessary to make a pattern for the product, sharpen it well, and then form the finished product. After drawing the parts and cutting them out, you need to carefully iron the workpieces and begin stitching.

If desired, an elastic band can be added to the bandana to change the size. Then the step-by-step stage of the work changes and looks like this: first, the final model is created with an allowance for the elastic, the elastic is inserted, and then the visor is made and sewn to the product.

Pattern of a female model with a visor

From felt

It’s quite easy to make from felt not only: a hat; vest; beard or mustache; eye patch; linings for boots; pirate slippers instead of boots; pirate mask.

Felt is a material that takes the desired shape, and the edge does not crumble, which makes it possible not to process the edges. Therefore, if you are sewing, we recommend using felt, this material has one drawback, it is quite warm and the child will be very hot at the matinee in kindergarten.

If you have no ideas, then look at pirates in cartoons or photos on the website. A make-up video will help you make a beard or mustache of the desired shape and draw it as realistically as possible.

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