How to sew a New Year's Christmas tree costume for a girl for a kindergarten party? DIY Christmas tree carnival costume for a girl made of tulle: master class

What costume should you make for your daughter for the New Year? Where can I get everything I need for it so that it doesn’t go out of fashion and is always in trend?

The Christmas tree costume, like snowflakes, due to constant demand, will not go out of fashion or cease to be relevant.

This means you have a lot of options on how to make a Christmas tree (Christmas tree) costume for a girl with your own hands at home.

We will analyze from the simplest costumes, which are easy to make in 2-3 hours, to more complex ones. From the most affordable, requiring minimal investment, to more sophisticated ones that require sewing skills.

Just imagine how much nerves, time and money you will be able to save by making a chic suit once. What will happen to those who see your exclusive costume on a child?

Therefore, now you will need a pen and a piece of paper to quickly write down all the necessary ideas and source materials.

Let's get started!

DIY tulle Christmas tree costume for a girl for the New Year: master class

For New Year's holidays and matinees, you can sew a Christmas tree costume for a girl. To make it, you do not need any sewing skills or experience. For this you will need almost any material.

The most important thing about this costume is the beautiful dress and the green color. You can decorate such a festive outfit with anything, for example, sparkles, New Year's tinsel, beads, snowflakes, or embroidery.

If you want to make a Christmas tree costume for your own daughter, you will need to take the following materials:

  • Green tint satin (approximately 1.5 m)
  • Light green tulle (length approximately 0.5 m)
  • Gold ribbon (approximately 0.5 cm)
  • Threads
  • Adhesive tape
  • Strong glue

Start with a paper pattern for the back. However, before starting work, take your daughter’s measurements. You will need a length such that the resulting product reaches your knees.

Christmas tree costume

Christmas tree made of tulle

When you make a pattern, do not forget about the line along which you will sew in the flounce. So, let's get to work:

  • Make a paper pattern for the front of the dress. You can use a simple pattern for the base. After this, draw the fourth part of the shuttlecock on a separate paper.
  • Then cut out the main patterns from paper and attach them to the material, folded in half. Secure the patterns with pins.
  • Using a special pencil, draw the outline of each pattern on the back of the material. Mark the center front of the dress and hand stitch on the back. These will become the lines to which you will sew the flounces. Using the same method, mark a line on the back.
  • Fold the edges of the parts inward and grind the seams using a sewing machine. Finish the cuts with an overlocker.
  • Baste the back seam and press it to the sides. Draw the entire shuttlecock on paper, using the fourth part of the shuttlecock drawn in advance.
  • Attach the paper pattern to the material (in one layer) and draw the outline of the dress flounce on the material. Prepare a couple more shuttlecocks in the same way.
  • Fold the flounces face down, sew them together, and finish the edges with an overlocker. Glue adhesive tape to the bottom of each shuttlecock.
  • Then fold the edges inward and iron along the edges. This will secure the ribbon.
  • Now you can start making the tulle frill. Fold the tulle in half, cut a strip, the width of which should be 20 cm.
  • Use a sewing machine to make a couple of lines on the material and pull them together at the same time. This will give you a frill. Remember that the length of the tulle gather should be equal to the width of the front.
  • Sweep the resulting tulle frill onto the bodice and go through it with a machine.
  • Baste the flounce along the top of the bodice and machine stitch the edge. Proceed to the bottom of the dress.
  • Sew a couple more flounces to the pre-prepared edge, fasten on top in the same way as described above.
  • Decorate your suit with sequins. Glue them with strong glue or special double-sided tape. Very carefully fasten a gold-colored ribbon along the edge of the flounces.

Special terms


  • Baste - temporarily join two pieces together.
  • To baste is to temporarily attach one thing to another.
  • Overcast - process a section of fabric with a buttonhole stitch to protect it from fraying.
  • Stitch - sew 2 parts together.
  • Iron - reduce the thickness of the seam using an iron.
  • Iron - place the seam allowance to one side and secure it with an iron.
  • Press - straighten the seam allowance and secure with an iron.

Dress, herringbone costume made of tulle: patterns for girls 3-6 years old

And you can make this Christmas tree costume literally in one evening. To make it you will need to take the following materials:

  • Green dress (one that you don’t mind altering)
  • Green tulle (a couple of different tones)
  • Multi-colored ribbons
  • Pom-poms (pre-prepared)
  • Threads to match the ribbons
  • Needle and scissors

Christmas tree costume

New Year's outfit

Two Christmas trees
Now let's get to work:

  • Take a green dress, the brightest one.
  • Cut dark green and light green tulle into small squares measuring 10x10 cm.
  • Make “needles” for the Christmas tree from these squares.
  • Fold the tulle squares in half. Fold the corner towards the middle, turn the tulle over and fold the corner towards the middle.
  • Prepare as many of these “needles” as can fit on the skirt of the dress, forming the crown of the Christmas tree. Now start sewing on the resulting “needles”.
  • Start sewing them from the bottom. Sew the resulting “needles” with the corners to the bottom. You can conduct an experiment: sew them in reverse.
  • Sew tulle diamonds in a checkerboard pattern. Now take colorful ribbons. Make 3 bows of each color. Glue or sew pompoms and beads onto the edges of the ribbons.
  • Then cut ribbons 10 to 15 cm long. Attach pompoms to the ends.
  • Sew the resulting bows scattered onto the green tulle.
  • Sew ribbons to the bottom of the dress. Try to alternate their length.
  • Sew 2 or 3 bows to the collar.
  • Now take a red or green ribbon 1 m long. Sew it on top of the last row of “needles” so that you can tie a bow on the back.

Christmas tree costume for a girl with a fluffy tutu skirt: patterns for girls 3 – 6 years old

Today we will share with you a good idea - together we will make a Christmas tree costume with a tutu skirt. The costume is quite easy to make and will not take much of your time. Also check out some interesting ideas in this article.

Back pattern

As a rule, tutu skirts do not need to be sewn and patterns are not needed for them. To make such a skirt, you will need to take:

  • Green tulle. American nylon is considered ideal for such a skirt. It is very soft, suitable even for the little ones, and holds its shape perfectly.
  • Mostly, rolls with a width of about 20 cm are available for sale. This is convenient, because you will not need to cut the material. If you cannot find such fabric, then buy the most ordinary tulle or mesh.
  • Wide elastic band. Take the length of the elastic so that you still have about 3 cm left.
  • A satin ribbon for making a bow and a belt.
  • Scissors.

Back pattern

Quarter shuttlecock
That's it. We have prepared the necessary elements, now we begin to create:

  • Cut the tulle into strips. For babies, you need to cut strips 15x50 cm. Cut strips from 40 to 60 pieces.
  • You can use tulle of various shades. It all depends on your desire and imagination.
  • Sew the elastic band into a circle, or tie it in a knot. Stretch the elastic so that it is convenient for you to tie tulle ribbons on it, for example, on the back of a chair.
  • Take the tulle strips by the center and tie it to an elastic band using a double knot. If you want the skirt to be fuller, tie a loop knot. Make sure that the knot does not overtighten the elastic, but does not dangle either.
  • Tie the knots together tightly enough so that the elastic is not visible. Do this all around the circle.
  • If necessary, you can trim the skirt: squeeze the ends of the material tightly in your hand and cut off the uneven ends.
  • Decorate the waistband of the skirt with a green satin ribbon. You can also decorate the skirt with bows or tinsel.
  • Straighten your skirt.
  • The main element of the Christmas tree costume is ready. To complete it, you will need to take a white or green T-shirt and decorate it as you wish. Then sew the skirt to the T-shirt.

Christmas tree costume


What if you don’t have time to sew a dress?

To create a Christmas tree costume, you can use a simple green dress or T-shirt, as well as a matching skirt and tights. But this outfit needs to be improved:

  1. Tinsel is suitable (it is advisable to choose one color), which can be sewn along the edge of a dress or skirt. It is appropriate to use Christmas tree decorative garlands, small bows and plastic toys.
  2. The simplest solution for decorating your head would be various headbands with bright figures..
  3. You can wear any shoes or slippers on your feet..

It wouldn’t hurt to ask the child himself what he would like his costume to look like: children often have really interesting and creative ideas. And a costume made according to the wishes of the “customer” will delight its little owner even more.

How to make a cape for a Christmas tree costume?

You can make any cape. But the most beautiful is the elongated cape. It will go wonderfully with a New Year's suit and Christmas tree dress:

  • Sew a long cape from green satin. Decorate it with New Year's tinsel, rain, stars, snowflakes.
  • An excellent option for a Christmas tree cape is a model made from an ordinary circle. Take any material, preferably one that drapes well and measures 140x140 cm.
  • Fold the material in half. Cut out the circle. Then make a hole for the head. Cut at the front so that the cape fits comfortably. Finish the edges using an overlocker or a regular sewing machine using a zigzag. You can add a cape with a hood and pockets, and also decorate it with tinsel, bright rain and beads.

Cape for a Christmas tree costume

Cape for a suit


You don't need to be a professional to sew this dress, but you still need to have some sewing skills. It is advisable to make seams using an overlocker (since knitwear is used), but you can use a zigzag seam on a regular machine.

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DIY crown for a Christmas tree costume

Every girl wants to look beautiful at a party. And what could be more beautiful in a Christmas tree costume than a crown? Make it from lace. This crown looks amazing and is quite easy to make.

To make a crown for the Christmas tree costume you will need to take the following materials:

  • Lace (preferably green). If you don't find it, then take white lace.
  • PVA glue).
  • A brush.
  • The cardboard is the same size as the lace.
  • Bag.
  • A can of green spray paint (in case you don't find green lace).
  • Now get to work.
  • Cut the desired length of lace. Leave a little to connect the crown (about 1 cm at the beginning and end).
  • Make a cylinder out of cardboard. Wrap lace around the cardboard and make it in the shape of a crown.
  • Secure the bag onto the cylinder to prevent the base from sticking to the crown.
  • Lay out the lace on the table. Gently spread the glue onto it with a brush. Better a couple of layers.
  • Then secure the lace to the cardboard wrapped in a bag. Try to smooth out every wrinkle.
  • Carefully coat the places where the crown will connect.
  • Cover the crown with glue again. Wait a bit for the product to dry thoroughly.
  • Once the crown is dry, remove it.
  • Now start transforming the crown. If you have white lace, then cover it with green paint. You can purchase multi-colored pebbles in advance and paste them over the crown. You can also glue tinsel, sparkles, and small snowflakes onto the product.

Crown for Christmas tree costume


Holiday orbaz

DIY headband for a Christmas tree costume

First option:

  • Take the headband.
  • Twist flagella from pipe cleaners and bend them in half.
  • Attach the resulting flagella to the rim in this way - wrap each strand around the rim.
  • Twist the antennae very tightly between each other.
  • Cut a piece of ribbon about a centimeter wider than your headband and longer.
  • In the central part of the ribbon, mark the place where the flagella will be located.
  • Now use a knife to make small cuts. Push the flagella through these holes, and then wrap the rim with material.
  • Using a glue gun, glue the ribbon to the headband. Pull the material well.
  • Roll the fluffy ribbon to make pompoms.
  • Glue them to the ends of the antennae and apply glitter on top.

Headband for New Year's costume
Second option:

  • Take a green headband. You will also need fluffy wire, also green.
  • Twist the wire with a spring so that its turns decrease as it approaches the top.
  • Decorate the resulting Christmas tree with multi-colored pompoms, and attach a star, which you can make from gold foil, to the top of the tree.

Festive bright headband

How to decorate a Christmas tree costume for a girl?

If you don’t know how to decorate a Christmas tree costume more beautifully, don’t worry. We are ready to offer you several wonderful options.

First, you need to decide whether your Christmas tree will be elegant, or whether you want to make it the way it grows in a snowy forest. The “home beauty” costume is usually decorated with materials that imitate Christmas tree decorations.

Pompom decoration

Festive costume

Shuttlecocks and tinsel

You can embroider a New Year's costume with beads, beads, New Year's rain, rhinestones. You can also sew on icicles and stars made from shiny foil.

If you decide to make a forest Christmas tree costume, then decorate it with pine cones. They are very easy to make:

  • Cut them out of thick brown cardboard.
  • Draw “scales” on the pine cones with a waterproof black marker.
  • If you want your Christmas tree to be covered with snow, then sew white tinsel onto the flounces of the costume.

Ideas for inspiration

Options for Christmas tree costumes may vary. Here are some ideas for inspiration on how to sew and decorate an outfit for a matinee.

Tulle dress with a wide red satin ribbon belt. Small shiny Christmas balls are used as decorations. The headdress is a cap on a rim, decorated with a gold star.

Felt Christmas tree. Warm and cozy suit for baby. The basis for the pattern can be any trapezoidal baby dress of a suitable size. Decorations: pompoms of different sizes, gold braid. Soft felt does not prick or rub. This option is suitable for the little ones.

Lush dress made of elastic top and tulle skirt. The highlight of the outfit is the bright red satin bows decorating the straps of the bodice.

A multi-tiered dress looks impressive. Complete with a magic hat, it creates a complete image of a forest beauty.

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